Thursday, April 20, 2006

Measuring the gauge

I knitted until I got about 2.5" long. BTW, I put way more stitches on the needles than I needed but that's OK because I'm just going to rip this and start knitting once I'm ready.

Grab a ruler. I have this neat little thingy that has a cut out for counting stitches. Most patterns want to you to knit a swatch large enough to get a 4" count. I'm only counting over 1" because my gauge is fairly consistent at this size and won't vary much over 4".

Note that my 8th stitch falls exactly centered over the 1" line. I'm going to count 1/2 this stitch. So my gauge is 7.5 stitches per inch.

Now that we've got gauge, I figured we'd use my pal Lucia's Sockulator to customize our sock size. Since I've got a short, stubby foot, I like to customize anyhow. We'll be making a slightly longer ankle than she's showing on this site because we should have enough yarn for it. We can always edit length as we go based on how much yarn is left when we get the length we want. Sockulator


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