Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CO for DPNs Tut

We're going to knit a swatch so we can measure gauge. I'm using sport weight so I needed to cast on more stitches for a swatch than you'll need to. I think that 40 stitches should be enough for you. But cast on one extra stitch. I'll explain that later. Cast on over 2 needles. Because socks need to be able to stretch around the top, two needles helps you make sure you're not casting on too tightly. Once you've cast on all your stitches, pull one needle out. If you're worried about stitches slipping off the other end, you can wrap a rubberband around that end while you're slipping from the back end.

We're going to slip stitches from the opposite end from your working yarn. Slip (as if to purl) stitches onto a second needle. If you bought a 5 needle set, we're going to put 10 stitches on each needle with one extra on the first needle you slip onto. I cast on a total of 61 and I have 5 total needles. I seperated the stitches in multiples of 15. The first needle I slip stitches onto, I slip on 16. You'll slip 11 (or whatever depending on how many total stitches... this is actually not critical since this is just a swatch). This is needle 2. Your CO needle is needle 1.

With 11 on the first needle, you'll slip one from the CO needle onto a second needle. In order to help keep from twisting the stitches when you join the round, we'll insert needle 2 into this first stitch as well

Now, continue to slip stitches until there are 10 total on needle 3, including the first stitch that has needle 2 inserted into it.

Repeat for needle 4.

Now, with all the bumps along the bottom of your needle, pull the yarn so that it's behind your work and turn so that needle 1 is in your left hand and needle 2 in your right. Slip one stitch off needle one with needle 2. We're going to pull one stitch from needle two over this slipped stitch (like a bind off) and then slip the stitch back onto needle 1.


Blogger QuantumChristine said...

ok, now that you've gong through the trouble of that tutorial, I have to actually go get my yarn and needles now! ;)

7:10 AM  
Blogger Sachi said...

LOL! M was laughing at me 'cause I had the tripod set up and had my arms stretched way out in front so the camera could actually focus on them. It was an interesting night.

I'm thinking about letting others know about the tutorial because a lot of people find dpns intimidating.

Do you mind?

2:14 PM  

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